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Icarus Witch - Goodbye Cruel World

Icarus Witch - Goodbye Cruel World

Label : Cleopatra Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : It has been frighteningly silent around Pittsburgh’s Icarus Witch the last six years. The long break was mainly due to the extensive touring the band did around the ‘Rise’ album. According to co-founder and bass player Jason Myers the band was pretty burned and needed to refuel their batteries. Fast forward to 2018, and only Myers and guitarist Quinn Lukas are remaining. After the departure of singer Christopher Shaner, the band found a new vocalist in Andrew D’Cagna. Guitarist Lukas knew D’Cagna from another band they play in together, called Ironflame. Drums on ‘Goodbye Cruel World’ were handled by John Rice (Scorpion Child, Job For a Cowboy).

Melodic metal is what makes Icarus Witch tick. They prove it with these ten versatile tracks on this new album. The instrumental ‘The Flood’ brings back the metal as it was done in the eighties. Lukas treats you to some nice sharp soloing on this one. Icarus Witch lets you know they mean serious business with the really great opening track ‘Goodbye Cruel World’. New kid D’Çagna is a great addition to the band. His voice suits the band like a glove. But, let us not forget Rice who really shines in the drum department. Not leaving Wylde out, as he professionally fills all the gaps with his creative bass work. The already mentioned ‘The Flood’ seems to be a breaking point on this album. The five tracks before this instrumental are more up-tempo and have a more aggressive approach. After ‘The Flood’ the last four songs are in a darker and moodier vein. Best one is ‘Antivenom’ with a cool vocal contribution from Katharine Blake (Mediæval Bæbes, Miranda Sex Garden). There is some classic Queensrÿche sounding through. So it seems no coincidence that Neil Kernon was involved in the production process of this album. He was also the one producing ‘Rage For Order’. The production sounds very organic, giving all instruments enough room. Sometimes it takes some patience to get what you want. With ‘Goodbye Cruel World’ Icarus Witch makes the waiting worthwhile. Oh, and compliments for the very nice artwork. Now get your butts over here for some live shows.

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