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Domkraft - Flood

Domkraft - Flood

Label : Blues Funeral Recordings | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : There is not a lot that can go wrong when you are into playing stoner metal. You jam until you find a juicy riff, then keep repeating it and it will make everybody feel fine. Still, there are bands that screw this up, and bands that clearly do it better than the rest and give the listener even more than just that fine feeling. Domkraft can be categorized into the latter group. Their sophomore album 'Flood' succeeds 2016's 'The End Of Electricity' and even though that one sounded a bit doomier, this one is still louder and heavier.

Domkraft plays stoner rock, but they add certain things to spice it all up in a huge way. Those things are actually quite easy to not notice. You will swallow it unknowingly along with the rest of the meal, so to speak, and once it has slivered down your throat, like a juicy oyster, you will notice that the effects may not be quite what you were expecting. Each song is put together really well and consists of very strong riffage that is repeated in such a way that it will be almost hypnotizing to listen to. Not nodding or banging your head to this is only possible if your neck is stuck in a brace - and believe me it will be after you have listened to this album a couple of times. The riffs are reinforced by stunning, psychedelic guitars, doomy hooks and calling, nearly shouting vocals that make the whole thing even more intense. The build ups of some of the songs occasionally give the impression that we are heading towards post metal.

This music will make you realise that everything is fine. Not in a tipsy or stoned kind of way (although agreeably, smoking a blunt will not be disadvantageous to how the listener experiences this music), but because with some confidence and feeling good you will have everything under control, no matter what goes wrong. And 'Flood' will surely make you feel very, very good.

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