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Begravningsentreprenörerna - Jämna Plågor

Begravningsentreprenörerna - Jämna Plågor

Label : Ektro Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Jan-Simon : Just when you think there could not be more Swedish rock bands because of the limited number of Swedes on this planet, a bunch of weird Finns come along pretending to be Swedish. Not only their band’s name is very Swedish (and at 26 letters in one word also very long), they even sing in Swedish. On second thought this is not as strange as it seems. Although only a few Finns speak Swedish, it is one of the country’s official languages. Nevertheless, Begravningsentreprenörerna is somewhat of the odd one out in the Finnish scene. The debut album ‘Jämna Plågor’ (no idea what that means) is released on Ektro records, best known for being the label on which the illustrious Finnish band Circle and all their side projects are presented to the world. Even though Begravningsentreprenörerna shares no band members with Circle, Pharaoh Overlord etc, musically they share a love for hard rock from the eighties. But where Circle uses this to create a bizarre mashup of Judas Priest, Krautrock, drone and progrock, Begravningsentreprenörerna goes for pure old school NWOBHM. At least that is what the press release wants us to believe. After listening to ‘Jämna Plågor’ I think these undertakers have more in common with hard rock / glam / punk pioneers New York Dolls and their more recent followers from Norway Turbonegro, although a lot less sleazy when it comes to image and lyrical content (as far as we can understand any of that of course). Those who want to compare the band with Swedish luminaries such as Hives and Hellacopters certainly have a point. After all, they tapped into the same source for their pure and undiluted rock and roll. In other words, this is gloriously old fashioned hard rock like it was made in the seventies and eighties, with a modern twist.

‘Jämna Plågor’ kicks off with a wonderfully high revving rock song called ‘Jag Har Fått Nog Av Dig’ (’I have had enough of you’), that summarizes everything you’d expect from seventies power rock / hard rock in just three minutes: a hysterically shrieking singer, a rhythm section that sounds like a steam roller that has run amuck and a guitar player who does not mind doing a few solos more, with or without the support of a second guitar. The next song is so catchy that you might find yourself shouting ‘Det Är Bara I Mitt Huvud’ with the chorus, even though you have no idea what you’re saying. At the time the third song is playing, one that is not in top gear for a change and has a solid ZZ Top like boogie as its base, one thing has become crystal clear: Begravningsentreprenörerna will have a golden future in Sweden. There is room for this type of bands now that The Hives and Hellacopters have sort of gone quiet. Whether the rest of the world will fall for these four Finns as well is more difficult to predict. In a fair world in which song quality plays a primary role such a question would be a no-brainer. Of course the world will go wild for this band-with-the-longest-one-word-name. But unfortunately the market for well-made hard rock is not what it used to be. Let alone if it is in Swedish. And comes from Finland…

The record rocks and rolls further with an insane amount of energy that instantly makes you realize why it is finished in 34 minutes. More would be without any sense of decency. A nice album with eight extremely good songs, each one in unintelligible Swedish and with all amps at 11. Isn’t that all one wants?

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