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Radiant - Radiant

Radiant - Radiant

Label : Massacre | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : Every time I hear a song like 'Yes I Am' coming out of my speakers, I am paying attention. What a great old-school hard rock track. The best part is it is not even the best song the German Radiant has put on their debut album of the same name. Which one that is, is not so easy to say because with every spin there is another track standing out. Yes, I am enthusiastic about this German band.

The band was founded in 2014 by Herbie Langhans (Voodoo Circle, Avantasia) together with Flo Gottsleben on guitar and Markus Beck on bass (ex-Seventh Avenue). The line-up is completed by Manni Spalka on drums and Carsten Stepanowicz on lead guitar. Herbie Langhans also signed for the solid production and crystal-clear mix. Expect from this quintet an album that refers quite a bit to eighties hardrock but at the same time stands solid in the present due to the already mentioned super production.

Back to the music then. What to think of the very atmospheric 'Silver Linings' where House Of Lords, Iron Maiden and Whitesnake come together. Subtle in the couplets, grand and majestic in the chorus. Mind the fantastic guitar solo and one of the many outstanding tracks is a fact. 'You Rock' is a totally different song in that respect. Despite the cliché title you will find yourself playing air guitar in no time and you have to hold back to not disturb the neighbours too much. 'Heroes' starts light and airy with a Hammond organ and then continues full-speed again. 'Liars' is the song that comes closest to heavy metal and reminds me of 'Be Quick Or Be Dead' by Maiden. The other high-quality material is all in the hardrock / AOR corner. It would surprise me if this album isn’t successful.

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