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Dead Register - Captive

Dead Register - Captive

Label : AVR Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Bart M. : When you have a voice like that of M. Chvasta you have a choice to either start a cheesy poprock band that will attract thousands of screaming teen girls, OR form a goth rock/metal band that caters to a slightly more mature audience. Even though the former sounds very tempting I am glad to say that this band opted for the latter. Dead Register is their name and they hail from Georgia. Something I would not have guessed while allowing the vocal parts to penetrate my mind, because they seem to have a rather British aftertaste.

Even though the topics Dead Register addresses have some things in common with the pained hearts of teenagers, it does travel down quite a bit deeper. With melancholy lyrics about the difficulties that the interwovenness of two minds and bodies can bring about, 'Captive' is able to paint tragic atmospheres and take the listener on a gloomy, oppressive journey along the coasts of things that once were but are now lost forever. The painful memories that this conjures are somewhat alleviated by the sometimes beguiling, other times desperate vocals of Chvasta, who succeeds very well in conveying his feelings. The pressure of the music occasionally beats you into dark corners that you want to crawl out of again as fast as possible, only to find yourself embraced by the grim and saddening guitars that are lurking around every corner.

With their EP 'Captive' Dead Register manage to put down a solid goth rock album that also takes the listener back to the synthwave landscapes of the eighties. A good and more than decent album!

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