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Overruled - Hybris

Overruled - Hybris

Label : Punishment 18 Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Somewhere between the Dutch megalith structures in the north, the thrash formation Overruled was born. After six years and one EP, singer/guitarist Remco, lead guitarist Ronald, bassist Joeri and drummer Gerald are ready for the release of their first full album, ‘Hybris’, which is being released on Punishment 18 Records.

The first thing we hear is opener ‘Pawns Of War’, for which a video clip was made as well. Immediately the rolling drums are striking, the start of a tasty thrash smasher. Remco has a good voice for the lighter sort of thrash the band plays. ‘Burning Bridges’ is more harmonic and here Ronald shows that he is made from the right guitarist stuff. On the title track the two styles converge and the band also dares to leave the cliché paths with an almost acoustic pre-solo. Leaving the cliché paths is not done with the lyrics of the songs, but that won’t keep anyone awake at night. Also ‘Follow His Order’ features an inventive song structure and shows that Overruled is capable of more than just smashing away. The smashing away thing is not something the band cannot do by the way, as they definitely prove on the last three songs on the CD.

With ‘Hybris’, Overruled delivers a convincing debut album, with which they lay a solid foundation of material for the coming live shows. In the coming months the band can been seen live on various Dutch stages. For myself, I definitely hope to attend one, because the album ‘Hybris’ sounds like a guarantee to a damn good show!

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