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Once - After Earth

Once - After Earth

Label : Pride And Joy | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : Sometimes I just start to listen to new material and sometimes I start with reading the marketing ‘bla-bla’. With this release I started with the latter, the sheet is off course filled with positive statements of this young band with a lot of potential that is finally releasing its first full album after having released and EP in 2015. ‘Am I just lucky’ is usually my quite sarcastic response. It is time to plug in my headphone to listen to probably another ‘’just-nice-but-nothing-more-than-that’ release. But hey….I always give them a fair chance so bring it on!

Any intro of an album over a minute is mostly a waste of time in my opinion, unless it is able to give a great insight of the ambiance of the album. Well, this is just what Once does: from the first, very dark , melodies a symphonic Walhalla starts and grabs my attention. It easily transforms into the first song called ‘Awake’ and without any reserves Once throws their compositions at me with all their mighty power. It is as if the hired Devin Townsend to do the production of the album. What a massive wall of music! Yet there is still enough space for interpretation and impressive details. This simply kicks ass. It is within the first minutes that it is clear that these are not songs but compositions. This insane high level of song writing continues throughout the album. If that is not enough an entire orchestra is dragged in to support the music. The band calls it a combination of a neo-romantic soundtrack, drama and a portion of very heavy and dark themes. It is exactly the right description. ‘Insane Schemes Of Sanity’ is a great example. And how about this song title?

The band delivers such a high level of playing their music that is very hard to realise that this is a debut album. It is a band that sounds mature and experience and makes it quite obvious that they go for absolute perfection. The beautiful detailed song writing is almost terrifying and might make your mind wants to explode. I have to show my respect for Frank Wypchol who is responsible. It makes sense that he finished a conservatory study, I would not be surprised if this had been a ‘Cum Laude’ achievement. After all these words there still is another diamond that shines throughout the album and this person is singer Alina Lesnik. How on earth is it possible that we have not heard of this amazing singer before? If you have to find and take your place within this wall of extreme and detailed music you need to be world class. What Alina does is a more that great job. She playfully dances around the music with her voice, she swings gracefully with it and confronts it without fear. Damn! Amazing! What a talent. What an unbelievable album.

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