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Dion Bayman - Better Days

Dion Bayman - Better Days

Label : Art Of Melody Music | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : Well, the world has quite some talented multi instrumentalists around. Due to new techniques it has become easier for them to make music and let the world enjoy it. This also applies to Australian Dion Bayman. He played and produce everything you hear on his new album ‘Better Days’. You have to take Richard Marx in to mind to have an idea about the music Bayman is presenting you. This is his first full album. This is AOR through and through. Except from a sharp guitar edge here and there, everything sounds smooth and polished. Main thing for Bayman is the song. And he sure is a convincing composer. A great example of this is ‘The Best Time Of My Life’. A composition where everything falls into place. And there are more strong songs on ‘Better Days’. Fallin’ For You’ (nice and upbeat) and the slower and beautiful ‘Leap Of Faith’. Most songs have a nice pace and enough variation to keep your attention. The guitarwork is nicely blended into the song, the solos fit the songs nicely, no eruptions or egos here. This is a great album, especially for the AOR lovers among us. A wise move from Bayman is to release this album through a record label. Hopefully his music will be more known and give him the acknowledgement he deserves. That would be justified.

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