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When Plagues Collide - Tutor Of The Dying

When Plagues Collide - Tutor Of The Dying

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : Five debutants, but each a true music lover, agreed somewhere in 2016 to turn their musical ideas into extreme metal. There was a mutual agreement not to foresee any limits. After a lot of practice, they came in 2017 with the EP 'Shrine Of The Hatred'. This was just a taster to their debut 'Tutor Of The Dying' that will be released on the international remembrance day of the dead on one November 2018.

After a first listening, it is actually hard to believe that this is their debut. Deathcore that is mixed with symphonic elements is not exactly an everyday occurrence. Nothing was left to the coincidence and the whole album is a true listening feast for the ear. Despite the denominator deathcore, you get to process an orgy of sounds with a lot of variation in it. It starts with the great singing performance of Wouter Dergez. From deep grunts to quick roars and even short fragments of pigcore. Unbelievable which sounds he can produce from his throat. Each number contains a lot of tempo changes. From almost extraterrestrial speeds, they proceed to unclear dirty riffs without any hesitation. Sometimes this is accompanied by a completely disturbed piano or reinforced with desolate choral singing. Just the intro that is part of the long opening song 'Messengers of the Holy Falsehood' gives you the cold chills. Soft sounds with a horror splatter effects until a Victorian female choir takes over. After the intro, the band brings solid deathcore with guitar work that does not evade djent. There are a lot of breaks in it so everything stays exciting. 'Fertilization With The Body Of Men' starts with a killer riff and an inhuman roar after which it continues to play at a furious pace. Each number contains a fragment that makes everything exciting. So the fast brutal aggression in 'Legion' is suddenly broken by softer guitar playing and a whispering vocals. Halfway through the album 'Als Imperatieve Grootmacht' with its acoustic guitars and narrative voice is a welcome break. After which you get to deal with a destruction power of nuclear proportions until the symphonic closing 'Vows'. This debut catapults When Plagues Collide in one single schwing to the top of the deathcore genre.

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