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Various Artists - 10 Years Of Rock

Various Artists - 10 Years Of Rock

Label : Metalville | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : German record label Metalville has something to celebrate. The label ticks the ten year anniversary box. To bring in the music lovers on the festivities, the label has released this ‘Ten Years Of Rock’ compilation. You will find unreleased material and live recordings from some of the label’s artists. The good thing about Metalville is that they do not pinpoint on a specific genre. This release shows this in a more than convincing manner. You will find material from rock dinosaur Foghat up to Astral Doors (with the great ‘The Day The Clown Cried’). There are also some native singing German bands on here, like , Ohrenfeindt, Kärbholz and Happyie. The contributions by Chris Caffery (TSO, Savatage) with ‘My Light’ and the live version of ‘I’m a Woman’ by Lee Aaaron are also worth checking out. I like to conclude by saying; Metalville, keep up the good works.

1. Astral Doors - Day the clown the cried
2. Architects Of Cahoz - How many times
3. The Quill - Sparrow
4. Chris Caffery - My light
5. Perzonal War - To myself
6. Poverty's No Crime - The longest day
7. Thobbe Englund - Between the hammer & the anvil
8. O'Reillys & The Paddyhats - Green blood
9. Lee Aaron - I'm a woman
10. Foghat - Road fever
11. Ohrenfeindt - Zum Rocken geboren
12. K??rbholz - Mehr als das
13. Ugly Kid Joe - Everything about you
14. Harpyie - Die glorreichen Sieben

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