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Vcid - Jettatura

Vcid - Jettatura

Label : LADLO Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Jesus, how in the hell can I find the website of this band. Why does a band name itself Vcid? Then you will get 1000 hits within the metal scene alone. That does not search very easy. Anyway, these French boys from Nantes have chosen to call themselves so anyway. And hooray hooray , the editor-in-chief finally entrusted me with a (sort of) black metal CD! And that’s the first one for me! And I must say that this first immediately tastes like more.

Let's call the band VCid for convenience and forget about that weird second letter (an inverted C). The band has been together working since 2012 but until now there was no release just yet. Until now, because now there is a disc in front of me with six tracks, entitled 'Jettatura'. In 35 minutes the band shows that they have been cut from the right black and roll wood. I recently saw Vreid perform during the last edition of 'Summer Breeze' and this French band plays similar music. They rock solidly with lots of melody and with chilling vocals. Sometimes you hear some influences from Satyricon and Watain and with this last band the band also has their image in common. These guys like to perform a kind of high mass. Always nice. So musically this is all just great. The album sounds good too: especially for a black metal album the guitars sound good and heavy and the drums are also nice in the mix. That is why long instrumental passages like in 'Woven Woods' are great to listen to. When I come at the fourth song 'We Come We Breed We Live' - with seven minutes very long - there is a feeling that the band should have a bit more variety. That is if they want to be able to keep the attention of the listener. Once a really heavy, slow song or perhaps a super speedy track could do miracles in that respect. Because the fast riffs in 'Omen' and 'Red Cardinals' - which are strongly reminiscent of Satyricon - are great, it is still much of the same. Where Vreid varies a lot in tempoi, Vcid explores much at the same pace. We have to work on that, gentlemen! But furthermore nothing than praise for this disc, which is beautifully packaged in a nice digipack. And now I am curious if these messieurs can do this live as well.

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