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Green Death - Hallowmass

Green Death - Hallowmass

Label : Combat Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : This is nice old school metal! US metal. You know, like bands from the eighties and nineties that played typical American metal. Bands like Toxik, Vicious Rumors and so on. You can put Green Death on such a list of modern, current US metal bands with peace of mind. Green Death plays speedy metal, which is heavy but always melodic. The band was formed in 2012 and has released two full length albums to date. The band was already programmed on stage as supporting act for bands such as Abbath, Carcass and Napalm Death and now releases a new album, 'Halllowmass'.

In the accompanying promo it is said that Green Death has incorporated influences of thrash, doom, death and classical metal in her music. And that is largely true. After an ominous intro 'Bullet And Silver' pops nicely out of the speakers, although I do not yet like Sol Bales singing here. He does so in the following 'I Am Eternal', in which he is lowered one octave and the riffs sound much heavier. After the somewhat boring 'Curse The Heavens' (in which simply not enough happens) 'The Betrayed' also pops out of your speakers and the low vocal lines of Bales are further enhanced by a sort of grunt. When 'Bad Omens' also disappoints, I cannot help but conclude that Green Death is a band that especially has their strength in the more fast thrashy parts; when the pace goes down they do not know what to do with the space it offers. This is also apparent from 'Sacrament' in which the doomy riffs do not approach the level of Black Sabbath or Trouble and in which the voice of Bales is not convincing enough. No, I'd rather hear 'Pure Torture' in which executive producer Dave Ellefson (indeed, the one and only) can also be heard. Perhaps the best song the band has kept until last, because in the closing 'Sickle & Scythe' we hear a nice mix of doom, thrash and death in eight minutes. A well-built, epic song therefore. Actually, the album takes too long: there are some meaningless, short instrumentals and a few really bad songs on this release. If the band starts to dose better, a next album can really become a stunner.

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