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Dewfall - Hermeticus

Dewfall - Hermeticus

Label : Naturmacht Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : The Italian group Dewfall plays tasty black/pagan metal that holds the stylistic middle line between the hypnotizing riffing of Insomnium and the musical landscapes of Aquilus. The combinations of these elements make Dewfall to Dewfall, a band that makes quite an impression on ‘Hermeticus’ by means of eight excellent tracks. In those tracks, the drum outburst, guitar harmonies, screaming salvos and also natural sounds are alternated with care, so that the long songs do not bore for even a second. ‘The Abomination Throne’ opens the album with some shaman-like sounds that is slowly replaced by an ominous riff, and this is how the album is introduced in an almost Wintersun ‘Forest Seasons’-like way. ‘Apud Portam Ferream’ is the harder one and it features some Dimmu Borgir-inspired elements. ‘Moondagger’ even features some striking thrash elements, an interesting piece of music for a black metal band, and this one definitely proves the musical inventiveness of the Dewfall guys! The only thing that could be improved on this album are the vocals, that are fairly limited, but certainly not bad. This is an interesting album in the old-fashioned epic black metal area that fans of this music should definitely check out.

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