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Asymmetry Of Ego - Forsake Beyond The Dusk

Asymmetry Of Ego - Forsake Beyond The Dusk

Label : Black Widow | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : Asymmetry Of Ego is a band from the sunny country of Italy, but, surprisingly, there is little to be found on the internet about this group. Actually, I only found out who’s in the band, that they come from Genoa, and that they released an album under the name 'Forsake Beyond The Dusk'. So let's dive straight into it. The five-piece band makes progressive metal with many djent elements in it, and they don’t do that poorly. On several occasions the band manages to get me nodding on the beat of the music, mainly on the well-known instrumental headbanging breaks that characterize this genre. The excellent production also helps, you really get a wall of sound in your face. Furthermore, I can also report that the musicians perform well, the guitars sound tight and are interesting, the drums and bass guitar deliver excellent rhythmic support, and the synth sounds give a bit more atmosphere to the music. Singer / guitarist Simone Carbone is an okay singer, he really doesn’t have a distinctive voice in my opinion but is certainly not bad, the grunts, however, sound good and could have been used more often. He also lacks some dynamics and variety in his singing to keep it interesting throughout the entire length of the album (or sometimes song).

So far there are no or few points of criticism, and actually I don’t really have many. The only point is that I think the songs are too generic to really elevate the music, there are a number of bands in this genre that are just a bit better, so although the band is quite nice, they are not distinctive enough. A better, more distinctive, singer would already do a lot for me, and the band should also look at how they can distinguish themselves from all other bands in this genre. Now they are the thirteenth band in a dozen. Good effort from the Italians, they can surely be proud of their work, but will need to get to work to get more recognition.

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