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Donarhall - Arousal

Donarhall - Arousal

Label : Black Blood Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Donarhall is a German one man black metal project by Gnev. His creative mind is involved in multiple projects and he is usually the man in charge of the instrumentation. As Donarhall he has not been active for very long, but has managed to churn out more than a handful of albums since the release of debut 'Misanthrope' in January 2017.

You might wonder, like I did, if it is not just production line metal that is being wrought, but fortunately that is not the case. This sounds like sincere music with a lot of attention for the solo guitar and the very familiar but oh so delicious black metal fuzz in the background. During four lengthy songs (about ten minutes each) fast bits of ear pounding drums, bass and guitar are alternated with mysterious keyboard intermezzos and there are several, interesting twists and turns. Some parts are repeated quite a lot and on the one hand this can be warm and hypnotizing, but on the other hand it might sound monotonous to the listener.

Do not expect purely black metal when you put this album on, your expectations will not be met if you do. Instead, try to listen to this without thoughts of styles and you will find this is beautiful, atmospheric music soaked in many influences of that genre. The misanthropic, distant guitar sounds evoke cold and empty hallways and blunted ironware that tries to cut down to the bone. To the core. And even though Donarhall does not quite reach that core, it is sure to slice open a couple of thick veins on its way in.

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