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MadneS - Die With Your Beer On

MadneS - Die With Your Beer On

Label : Headbangers Records/Big Bad Wolf Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Koen B. : MadneS is a German speed / thrash metal band that debuted with a two track digital only single ‘Anti Posers Patrol’ (2012), followed by a limited edition cassette tape entitled ‘Under Flag Of Hate’ (2015), which was recorded in the band’s rehearsal room. Now their first MCD sees the light of day. It was released in a cooperation between Headbangers Records and Big Bad Wolf Records, whilst the cassette edition was released through Helforced Records.

In Holland Headbangers Records and Big Bad Wolf Records are fairly known for their underground releases and ‘Die With Your Beer On’ is no exception on that. This is true anti-establishment thrash that was made for underground freaks and for underground freaks only. Fans of Nocturnal, Usurper (U.S.A.) and Aura Noir can buy this one without any hesitation. What a pity this MCD has a playing time of only 23 minutes only!

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