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Landmarks - Fantasy

Landmarks - Fantasy

Label : Arising Empire | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : Two years have passed between the debut and this new album of this French metalcoreband. Meanwhile they have become part of Arising Empire roster. That label has already proven themselves that they have a nose for talent. Like Landmarks, who have happened to have written one of the better metalcore albums I've heard this year, without those cheesy pieces of adolescent vocals which with many of their genre brethren bore the crap out of us with.

Opener 'Fantasy' is a pure metalcore song with a lot of variety between fast aggressive pieces with softer moments. Because the band did not really find the right singer in their early days, guitarist Florent Salfati exchanged his guitar for the microphone. An ideal choice because he does this with conviction with a lot of fury as a result. Successor 'Wake Up Call' can be set as a waking tone on your smartphone as the title says it. Roaring and almost rapping, Florian starts this song. What else he switches to some pieces of deathcore. The thundering guitar rhythms with even some djent in it evoke that urge to start jumping around. Landmarks could also count on the contribution of three guest musicians. On 'Scars' we hear Novelist's guitarist Florestan Durand his melodic and poignant guitar work. Aaron Matts of Parisian extreme metal band Betraying The Martyr makes a contribution to 'Reckoning'. This gives you a strong and aggressive track with nice duo vocal parts. Singer Camille Contreras is in duet with Florent in the ballad 'Alive'.

Landmarks has delivered an outstanding metalcore album with ‘Fantasy’. Musically you hear a lot of variety and excellent composed songs. Also vocally they have a singer who delivers one after the other top performance. As a listener you are literally dragged along in a whirlpool of aggression and emotion.

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