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Grave Decay - From Dust To Dust

Grave Decay - From Dust To Dust

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : Every month we are overwhelmed with home-made releases from beginning bands. Not surprisingly when you can record and release an album already for five hundred euros and do the pressing of some albums. Too bad al lot is quite bad, for too many bands just record too soon.

Anyway, recently we received a self-released album from the Dutch band Grave Decay. The band is formed by the duo Roger Koedoot and Maurice Lefeu. Together they wrote ten songs that went in the direction of symphonic death metal. Roger plays guitar and does the vocals. Maurice plays the lead guitar. Together they played the bas, drums and all the symphonic elements. And yes, they managed to make an excellent album. Sometimes it heads towards the technical side (read ‘State Of Decay’), but there is also the input of some melodic elements like in ‘Cognitive Dissonance’. You hear about fifty minutes worth of great death metal with excellent riffs. The grunting is heavy and sounds deep, so it is extra hard. The symphonic elements are never on the foreground, but they take care of an extra filling up with a lot of variation between the songs. Sometimes they walk on paths you would never expect. Listen to ‘Boots On The Ground’. The short and commanding choruses let hear an apart atmosphere. And in ‘Silent Suffering (Carolina) there is an occult prayer with the atmospheric elements and excellent riffs. ‘Time’ goes more the doom direction like in the beginning years of Paradise Lost. And at the end you hear the longer ‘Once Bitten, Twice Shy’. An own horror story with the necessary samples. Pieces of acoustic guitar and strings are alternated with heavy pieces of death metal. Everything sounds very dark and obscure. On their website, you’re not only can find the lyrics but also the story aroundit. It is not very digestible, but true lovers of death metal will find it some extra pleasure to listen to it. The band has put a lot of effort in it, but it surely paid of.

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