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Destrukt - Unleash The Destruktors

Destrukt - Unleash The Destruktors

Label : Headbangers Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: LP

Koen B. : Another new release by Headbangers Records from Tilburg / The Netherlands. This label is unstoppable when it comes to releasing stuff. I do hope quality keeps coming before quality. I think ‘Unleash The Destructors’ by Destrukt is about the fifteenth release by the label in about two years. Destrukt is a band from France that was established in 2014. They released a demo in 2016, a MCD ‘Broken Mirror’ (2017), a live tape (‘Going Down To Hell’s Crusade’, 2017) and most recent a single (‘The Witch’, 2018).

The band also self-released a demo cassette entitled ‘Unleash The Destruktors’ this year. It was recently released on black vinyl through Headbangers Records. The vinyl and its cover look great and the music is also kind of nice. Destrukt will never be the flavour of the month, but they certainly know how to thrash. This record has a punk vibe all over, which gives this record an underground feel. Nothing special but on the higher end of average

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