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Corners Of Sanctuary - The Galloping Hordes

Corners Of Sanctuary - The Galloping Hordes

Label : Killer Metal Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : The German Killer Metal Records label proudly presents Corners Of Sanctuary’s brand new full-length studio album entitled ‘The Galloping Hordes’. The U.S. metal band exists since 2011 and they are an active bunch if you ask me. They debuted with ‘Breakout’ (CDR, 2012), followed by ‘Harlequin’ (2013) and ‘Metal Machine’ (2015). The band has also released some EP’s, singles and other stuff, but honestly it’s unclear to me if all of them were released in tangible formats or in digital formats only. If you would like to know, check this link to find out yourself and be sure to support the galloping hordes from Philly / Pennsylvania.

Of course you can order ‘The Galloping Hordes’ directly from Killer Metal’s online webstore. Anyway, I have a lot of catching up to do because this one was my first encounter with Corners Of Sanctuary. I expected good quality U.S. metal and good quality U.S. metal is what I got. It seems Killer Metal Records never will disappoint me with their releases. Fans of powerful yet joyful power and heavy metal can buy this one instantly. Fans of the Dutch shooting stars Steel Shock will definitely like C.O.S. as well. Sure, this is just an impression of what you can expect from Corners Of Sanctuary. I hope they will cross the Atlantic soon and pulverize the European stages.

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