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Razgate - Welcome Mass Hysteria

Razgate - Welcome Mass Hysteria

Label : Punishment 18 Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : Slayer will stop this year. Long live the Italian Razgate. That is in a nutshell the review of 'Welcome Mass Hysteria'. From opener 'Sacrifice-Rebirth' to the final notes of '1348', this album breathes a Slayer atmosphere. Of course, there are also some other influences to be found such as Motörhead in 'Sweet Poison' and Metallica in the title track. But especially Slayer. Singer Giacomo Burgassi sounds like the younger brother of Tom Araya and that gives the CD a very recognizable sound. The solos of Francesco Monaci come from the stable of Hanneman / King / Holt and even the production and mix reminds us of the last Slayer album. There is nothing wrong with that and thus Razgate delivers an excellent album. Unfortunately, not all songs are of the same high level. For example, 'The Agony Is Real' is more a collection of riffs than a real song. 'Ride For A Fall' and 'Face Of Apocalypse' (with more melody than the other songs) are straightforward instant thrash classics.

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