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Destruction - Bestial Invasion Of Hell

Destruction - Bestial Invasion Of Hell

Label : Vic Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Re-release

Pim B. : When you talk about thrash metal it is hard to ignore the Teutonic trio Kreator, Sodom and Destruction. Better yet, these bands are elemental to what later would become death and black metal too. With that in mind it is awesome Vic Records now re-issues the demo by Destruction on CD. These recordings have surfaced as bootlegs before, but last year an official (limited) edition on vinyl was released by Floga Records from Greece. Now the fan of the CD-format can get these recordings too. The recordings were remastered by Patrick Engel and the booklet contains liner-notes by all three original members as well as journalist Frank Stöver of Voices From The Darkside Magazine. But what justifies this release even more is the fact you can hear the band in its original form. Founded in 1982 as Knight Of Demon they quickly renamed the band Destruction. Initially influenced by Iron Maiden their sound was revamped as the lads had discovered Venom.

Out of the six tracks on ‘Bestial Invasion Of Hell’ five can be found on later releases too. The songs ‘Mad Butcher’, ‘Total Desaster’ and ‘Satan’s Vengeance’ were re-recorded for the debut EP ‘Sentence Of Death’ that was released in the same year as the demo; 1984. ‘Mad Butcher’ was once again re-recorded for the same-titled EP in 1987. On the first full-length ‘Infernal Overkill’ we can find the songs ‘Antichrist’ and ‘Tormentor’. Only ‘Front Beast’ was never re-recorded by Destruction.

This first musical effort by this trio certainly should appeal to the fans. The guitar sound of Mike Sifringer already has that clear signature that would bring Destruction their fame. The vocals by bassist Schmier are a bit different. He sounds more punky and the high shrieks you’d hear on later recordings are not present yet. All things that make this re-issue worthwhile. You will get a good idea about the evolution of the band and it’s also clear why Steamhammer would sign them back in 1984.

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