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Asbest - Driven

Asbest - Driven

Label : Czar Of Crickets Productions | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Swiss threesome Asbest released an EP called 'Interstates' in 2017 and now deliver unto us their debut album 'Driven', a collection of eight laments that are in fact quite hard to label under any kind of genriffication. (The extra F was put in as a pun.) There are sludge influences, post metal moments and a kind of stone age hardcore. That is not meant in a bad way, it just sounds like something that would come before what we now call hardcore, but it is slower and darker. All of this is accompanied by the ever present wailing of singer Robyn Trachsel. This way of singing takes a bit of getting used to, firstly because it never seems to stop and secondly because the vocals sound so incredibly complaining that it will not be easy for everyone to keep their focus on the music. They do not sound doomy, they sound "I feel I have been wronged and I will take this time to talk about it"-y.

For those who can listen beyond this, an attractive and versatile album awaits. Do not expect any beautiful chansons, or carefully put together compositions; this is music made from emotion and gut instinct and will eventually touch your soul. The repetitive and magnetizing guitar parts, and the doped and calming bass parts are the excellent backdrop for the all of a sudden dismal and shocking sonic contractions that Trachsel ejaculates on the way to the painful birth of betrayal, injustice and other unpleasant experiences. 'Driven' at first sounds abstract and somewhat uncomfortable, but once you get into the groove, the walls of sound that hammer down on your ears are exceptionally soothing.

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