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S.A.A.B. - Motor Militia

S.A.A.B. - Motor Militia

Label : Elit Bolaget | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : S.A.A.B. (which stands for Satanists Against Atheist Believers) is a band from Helsinki / Finland that debuts with ‘Motor Militia’. The story goes that the band was formed when some dude needed some skate / punk music to support his video game. The game never saw the light of day, but still S.A.A.B. is a nice phoenix that rose out of the ashes of the failed video game project. There are worse stories to be told if you ask me.

‘Motor Militia’ is an album that will attract those who like simple yet electrifying melodic punk, hardcore and hardrock. It isn’t easy to put a label on this one, but Eighties freaks that adore Finish hardrock / hardcore bands such as Hanoi Rocks, Riistetyt and Terveet Kädet will definitely adore this one. I know I did! This is a nice CD, but some vocal parts however a bit annoying and the Finnish language might be an obstacle for some.

There are only 100 CD’s (which are actually CDR’s) on the market, so be quick and visit S.A.A.B.’s Bandcamp page to reserve yourself a copy.

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