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Final Breath - Of Death And Sin

Final Breath - Of Death And Sin

Label : Metalville | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : It’s been about fourteen years back when Final Breath’s previous album ‘Let Me Be Your Tank’ was released. I saw them perform live with Illdisposed and Ancient in Holland back then. The German band didn’t call it’s quits but was kind of on hiatus for a while. The year 2018 however marks the year of Final Breaths glorious comeback. What’s new here? Singer Jürgen Aumann breath his final breath in Final Breath and was replaced by Patrick Gajda. Some of you might recognize him from The Flesh Trading Company, whom recently released their ‘Necromantic Rituals’ CD.

‘Of Death And Sin’ has become a surprisingly good thrash metal album. Sure, I liked the ‘Let me Be Your Tank’ CD but honestly I have forgotten all about it and I haven’t spun it for over a decade. This one will return to my stereo once and a while for years to come. Away with the old fashioned approach and out with the old and in with the new. ‘Of Death And Sin’ is recommended for old fans that want to grow with the band or new fans that are just discovering Final Breath. This album proves that Teutonic thrash metal is still alive and well.

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