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White Widdow - Victory

White Widdow - Victory

Label : AOR Heaven | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : The Australian A.O.R. outfit White Widdow has already released quite some nice melodic rock records since 2010 and is now up to its fifth one with this ‘Victory’ record. Strangely enough we at Lords Of Metal have totally missed the in 2016 released album ‘Silhouette’, but that one will without a doubt not have diverted too much of the first three records, because when you’re looking for innovation you shouldn’t look for it with this band. As always they bring us the same recipe and therefore we still get presented traditional A.O.R., in which especially the quite dominant keyboard parts of Xavier Mills, the bittersweet vocals of bother Jules Mills and the often used close-harmony vocals are predominant.

In my opinion this time the balance has shifted quite a lot to the keyboards, giving guitar player Enzo Almanzi not really the platform to excel (besides a number of nice solos) and for me that is a bit of a missed opportunity. As a result the material sounds a bit lame and there are not too many real spectacular moments to be found on ‘Victory’. Add to this that all tunes are played in the same, somewhat leisurely pace and it may be obvious that this ‘Victory’ is definitely not the strongest piece of work that White Widdow has delivered so far. Of course songs like ‘Victory’, ‘Second Hand Heart’, ‘Love And Hate’ and the ballad ‘Anything’ to name just a few are all very easy listening material, but the problem is that they are just too plain average in quality to really grab you by the throat. The real A.O.R. fanatics will certainly be able to appreciate this, but for me White Widdow just doesn’t bring enough to the table on this ‘Victory’ to talk about a really good and especially striking release. The album is absolutely not bad, but just doesn’t offer enough to really appeal to me and these kind of mediocre releases are unfortunately brought to us in abundance already in this genre.

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