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Kamchatka - Stone Cold Shaky Bones

Kamchatka - Stone Cold Shaky Bones

Label : H42 Records | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: 7"

Jan-Simon : Not very long ago, there was no bigger insult for a rock band (either punk, metal or alternative) than being compared with seventies rock. Bloated dinosaurs, over the top, blasé, that kind of slogans. Nowadays it is much more nuanced. Retro is no longer a form of abuse, but a fashion statement and in some circles even a recommendation. The Swedish trio Kamchatka is somewhere in the middle of all that. On their latest single ‘Stone Cold Shaky Bones’, there first sign of life after three years of silence, it is seven minutes of back mirror gazing once more. Much like on their previous records, so the sabbatical has not led to new insights. The bluesy boogie rock (only if you stretch the definition to extremes this can be called stoner) is still very much in debt with bands like Uriah Heep, Allman Brothers and Cream. What does this bring? Not much I am afraid. It is not really that bad, but Kamchatka is hardly exciting either. One hopes for years that this band would put the pedal to the metal and loses control just once. Not literally of course, I do not ask for a serious car accident. Just some carefree riffing with all meters in the red. Not playing for safe all the time. I am afraid we will have to wait for another effort. This single is a nice renewed introduction to a band that does not want to take any risks and is therefore still not much more than an also-ran.

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