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Guardians Of Time - Tearing Up The World

Guardians Of Time - Tearing Up The World

Label : Rock Of Angels Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Guardians Of Time is a fantastic heavy/power metal band from Norway that always seems to be stuck in the margins. That was never due to a lack of good music. ‘A Beautiful Atrocity’ and ‘Rage And Fire’ were excellent firm power metal releases for which bands like Mystic Prophecy and Tad Morose need not be ashamed. With this fifth album the Norwegians seem to have taken a slightly different approach. In the opening title track there is little melodic metal to be traced, this is the full throttle steroids on which ‘Painkiller’ by Priest has been written. Raising The Eagle seems to seek the midway between this new sound and the two albums mentioned earlier, but after this the songs pick up in heaviness. Is this better or less than the older Guardians Of Time? That is a question you should answer for yourself. This sparking mix of Primal Fear elements and the power metal choirs and melodies that made Guardians Of Time to a good band for years, it definitely appeals to me! ‘Valhalla Awaits’ reminds of the old Helloween from time to time, while ‘Brothers Of The North’ represents the grand and heroic stuff. Nowadays there seems to be no new album without Tim Ripper Owens contributing to it, for also here he joins in on the song ‘As I Burn’.

‘Tearing Up The World’ is the perfect middle between the old, more melodic band that we still know, and a new, harder, more straightforward heavy metal version of that same band. With this album they will definitely satisfy their present fans, but they might also appeal to a broader audience here. Is this the album that will at last make this band a bit bigger? It would be no less than well deserved by now.

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