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DRH - Thin Ice

DRH - Thin Ice

Label : Aphotic Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : DRH is a jazz-metal/rock formation from Lyon, France. The quartet, consisting of a drummer, bassist, guitarist and saxophonist reminds me of a busier, more needlessly convoluted T.R.A.M. (the supergroup with members from Animals as Leaders, The Mars Volta and Suicidal Tendencies). ‘Thin Ice’ is filled to the brim with technicalities both in terms of progression and overall virtuosity, but oftentimes the sum of its parts results in a messy amalgamation of influences and sounds. In terms of mix and production value, there’s room for improvement as well. Most of the saxophones are mixed awfully drily and very middle-of-the-pack, drowning out the rest of the instrumentation when it’s definitely not the desired outcome. It’s the bass that I’m sort of fond of, sliding in tasteful and meaningful lines in this blurry heap of “I can do this” (whereas a “this works well”-approach would’ve benefitted this album greatly). I wouldn’t recommend this to people who want more T.R.A.M., but maybe a really adventurous journeyman of jazz-rock might find some genuine value in this.

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