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Sacral Rage - Beyond Celestial Echoes

Sacral Rage - Beyond Celestial Echoes

Label : Cruz Del Sur Music | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : After the in 2015 released full-length debut album ‘Illusions In Infinite Void’, some three years later the Greek progressive power metal band Sacral Rage returns with this successor ‘Beyond Celestial Echoes’. Just like on their first album the band is still pursuing rather complex tunes full of tempo changes, which will take quite some listens before they will start to really appeal to the listener. I can imagine that the biggest roadblock for most of the listeners will be the unique and therefore typical “love ‘em or hate ‘em” vocals of singer Dimitris K., because quite often he’s touching the borders of his vocal capabilities (and sometimes surpassing them extensively!) with his Allan Tecchio (Watchtower) and John Cyriis (Agent Steel) alike voice. If you’re able to listen through this, Sacral Rage will definitely be capable of attracting the fans of bands like Watchtower, Destiny’s End and even King Diamond.

As said the song material is quite complex, but the many riffs are transformed into real songs in a great way, in which especially the longer tracks like ‘Vaguely Decoded’ and the more than fourteen minutes long album closer ‘The Glass’ stand out in a positive way, but also the somewhat more direct songs ‘Eternal Solstice’ and ‘Necropia’ can count on my appreciation. The only track that fails to impress me is the somewhat boring ‘Samsara (L.C.E.), but the rest of the album is a very decent affair. As such musically this ‘Beyond Celestial Echoes’ is absolutely worthwhile checking out and especially guitar player Marios P. is doing a great job, but from a vocal perspective things are a bit doubtful. In some passages our Dimitris sounds very strong, while in other parts he’s chasing you right out of the building. Therefore it’s quite dependent whether you can appreciate his vocal contribution whether this ‘Beyond Celestial Echoes’ is suited for you and therefore I would advise you to give the album a few listens before deciding to purchase it.

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