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Midnite City - There Goes The Neighbourhood

Midnite City - There Goes The Neighbourhood

Label : AOR Heaven | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : As a profound lover of melodic and commercial sounding rock the eighties were a great (and expensive) time. Quality bands, mainly from the States, were battling against each other, but most of them faded away before gaining any success, due to different problems as bad management or other affairs. Father Grunge gave the genre the definite knock down, that echoed on for years to come. The past few years there are bands popping up who want to relive that eighties period. Nottingham based Midnite City also attempts to bring back those good times with their second release ‘There Goes The Neighbourhood’. The band is led by Rob Wylde. Besides Midnite City, Wylde also fronts Tigertailz, world-famous in their home country. The silent and driving force behind this band is drummer Pete Newdeck. He is responsible for the great production, mix and mastering of the album. If you are a sucker for a band like Danger Danger, this album will bring a big smile to your face. Wylde his voice is somewhat reminiscent to that of Ted Poley (Danger Danger). Critics will say that the band brings nothing new to the genre. Might be, but if you state that, you are doing this band no justice. All songs are well written and executed. Songs like ‘We’re Gonna Make It’ and powerballad ‘Tonight You’re All I Need’ are true gems of the genre. But, in the end all the songs on this album are strong. True metal lovers might stay away from Midnite City, but those who love the hair metal genre will love this album. With Midnite City they have a great new band to cherish. ‘There Goes The Neighbourhood’ will have their heartbeat go a bit faster in enjoyment. Time to break open those hairspray cans once again!

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