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Internal Bleeding - Corrupting Influence

Internal Bleeding - Corrupting Influence

Label : Unique Leader | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : Earlier this year the New York formation Internal Bleeding played the Netherlands Deathfest in Tilburg and the band around guitarist and founder Chris Pervelis turned the venue upside down with their groovy slam death metal. The tragic loss of his longtime friend and drummer Bill Tolley (who fell from a building while on duty as a New York Firefighter) came as a blow to the band, but they respected Tolley’s wish to continue as a band (like he always said). Shortly after his death the band released a video of the single ‘Final Justice’ which was the last piece of work Tolley did with Internal Bleeding. It was meant to be a teaser for the new album, but it ended up as a homage to their fallen comrade.

We are one and a half year further and here we have the sixth studio album from the pioneers of slam death metal; Pioneers because Pervelis and Tolley have been playing their brand of groovy death metal since 1991 and have influenced a great deal of new bands. Nowadays, Internal Bleeding consists of Chris Pervelis on guitar, Joe Marchese (Revenance) on vocals, Shaun Kennedy (Pyrexia, Revenance) on bass, Chris McCarthy on guitar and Kyle Eddy on drums. Since their last album ‘Imperium’ from 2014 the line-up has almost completely changed. Together with producer Joe Cincotta (Suffocation, Dehumanized) the band recorded nine new tracks at the Full Force Studios in Ronkonkoma, NY that form this new album entitled ‘Corrupting Influence’. One of the tracks is not so new, which is ‘Final Justice’. Pervelis and co played the song during their set at Netherlands Deathfest and it proved to be a real great live song with a big fat groove. The opening track ‘Compelled To Consume’ starts off with a peculiar intro that quickly changes into a mid-paced slammer with heavy grooves and rhythms. Titletrack ‘Corrupting Influence’ is also a mid-paced track with a very catchy melody that doesn’t get out of your head once you’ve heard it. One of the strongest tracks of the record is ‘Focus’ for which the band also recorded and released a video last month. The songs has everything in it that makes Internal Bleeding so special, slams, grooves, blast beats, catchy melodies and refrains. On ‘Litany of Insincerity’ singer Frank Rini (Internal Bleeding vocalist for the 90s albums ‘Voracious Concept’ and ‘The Extinction of Benevolence’) joins Marchese on vocals for a couple of lines which is mostly fun for nostalgia. He also helps out on the upcoming tour this Fall since Marchese can’t make it to this tour.

But anyway, to make a long story short, Internal Bleeding sounds like a bunch of young death metal freaks that live for the groove and the slam. The album contains catchy death metal songs mainly based around almost danceable grooves and is not aiming at being the most technical band in the world. And even though the band has been going for almost thirty years, Internal Bleeding does not sound outdated whatsoever. With ‘Corrupting Influence’, Internal Bleeding deliver a modern death metal album with the right recipe for a slamming death fest. Bill Tolley would be proud of the guys!

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