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Cryptopsy - The Book of Suffering – Tome II

Cryptopsy - The Book of Suffering – Tome II

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : With the compilation album 'The Best of Us Bleed' Canadian tech death metal forerunners Cryptopsy parted ways with their record label Century Media in 2012, after having released four studio albums, a live album and said compilation album and the band chose to continue as an independent band from there on. Their seventh self-titled album 'Cryptopsy' was their first studio album that they released independently in that same year. On this record, the band returned to their old sound, after a failed adventure with clean vocal lines and incorporating deathcore influences on their sixth album 'The Unspoken King', but the band had to win back a lot of their old fans that turned their backs on the band for the new direction the band had taken. In 2015, bandleader Flo Mounier announced releasing a trilogy of EP’s with Cryptopsy, in order to be able to release music more often and keep the ball rolling. But in order to do this he called out for help from the fans to support the band through a fundraiser on Indiegogo, and in return the band would be able to record new music and videos and go on tour to play their music live for the fans.

The first part of 'The Book of Suffering – Tome I' was released in October 2015 and the four tracks delivered on this EP were a disturbing display of frantic technical death metal indeed, that could easily measure up to albums such as 'Whisper Supremacy' and 'And Then You’ll Beg'. Three years have passed since the release of the first part and now it is time for part two simply entitled 'The Book of Suffering – Tome II'. Once again the band around master drummer Flo Mounier recorded four new death metal tracks at guitarist Christian Donaldson’s The Grid studio and I must say the band sounds hungrier and more aggressive as ever before. The new compositions are truly very destructive and very powerful, fuckin’ eh! The band must have demolished their instruments while recording these four tracks, because Cryptopsy seems to be totally out of control on this EP – where in fact they are in total control of chaos and destruction! The new tracks are quite inaccessible for an untrained ear, but the chaotic and insane riffs, inhumane breakneck speeds, rhythms, breaks and tempochanges are not of this earth! Despite the apparent chaos in their songs, Cryptopsy knows how to organize chaos and how to create an extremely brutal and tight sound.

Next to the jawbreaking and insane drum parts of Mounier, bassist Olivier Pinard has a prominent role in the sound of Cryptopsy, keeping the sound together with his awesome heavy bass sound. After a somewhat false start on 'The Unspoken King' vocalist Matt McGachy seems to have found his place in the line up of Cryptopsy and his performance on this recording is phenomenal. His screams and grunts are brutal, sick and insane and his vocal range is impressive! He is just the right man for Cryptopsy at this moment! I have to say I am really content with these four new songs. With 'The Book of Suffering – Tome II' Cryptopsy show they are still on top of their game and they are not going to let loose. Cryptopsy, bring on that third part of the trilogy as well! We need it!

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