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We Hunt Buffalo - Head Smashed In

We Hunt Buffalo - Head Smashed In

Label : Fuzzorama Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Canadian trio We Hunt Buffalo from Vancouver released their first EP back in 2010 and they have not been idle since! A number of EP's, a split album and, technically, three full albums are the results so far. That concludes our history lesson. 'Head Smashed In' is their latest effort and that will be the one talked about here.

This record takes some time to grow on you and there is a clear transition from the first listen's "this sounds rather good" to the feeling, after a couple more spins, that this is definitely worth investing your time in. It starts off with heavy and groovy riffs and manages to start up a really nice fuzz that is maintained throughout the entire record. The music can be categorized as stoner but it would not be fair to put it under just that label: it's clear that We Hunt Buffalo possess enough creative insight to put their own unique mark on this kind of music. Using interesting melodies, varying tempos and a great balance in heaviness, they manage to captivate the listener until the end. The vocals very pleasantly scrape the sometimes foreboding lyrics together, and let me tell you, these guys don't need a whole lot of words to say very big things. Add to this the very nice and enjoyable bits of solo guitar and the result is something strong and solid.

That they are also able to write songs that will keep haunting your mind is evident when listening to tracks as 'Get In The Van' (an instrumental that roars past like a shrewd express train), 'The Giant's Causeway' and 'Industry Woes', which includes an outro that will radiate through your head like some kind of psychedelic bullet! 'Head Smashed In' never sounds as if they are just trying something out, as if they are looking for the right sound. We Hunt Buffalo know what direction they are going, and I am convinced that it is the right direction!

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