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Under - Stop Being Naive

Under - Stop Being Naive

Label : APF Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : That looks can be deceiving is proved by Under. When I beheld the artwork for their new album - pink and cartoonish - I was expecting a rather soft, funny and definitely not heavy kind of music, but when I put it on, my assumptions were immediately proven wrong. 'Stop Being Naive', the second album by this band, sets off with the ultra-heavy 'Malcontents' and with these forceful, digging, wrecking riffs the tone of the album has been set.

The sounds that Under manage to churn out may give the impression that they hold no love for their instruments, but this is yet another misconception. In order to create music that is put together so well you will need to have a good relationship with the tools you are using. The music does have a couple of rather quaint constructions that can make you feel quite uncomfortable, as if your brain halves each decide to go into a different direction. Under combines the creative weirdness of Primus with a healthy dose of greasy sludge and alternates slow, momentous doom passages with quieter, oppressive moments. It takes a couple of spins to really settle into the mind, and the more often you listen to this, the more awesome the trip becomes.

'Stop Being Naive' is like a big and clumsy piece of meat that gets painfully stuck on the way down your throat as your face turns redder while you try to swallow it. Just as someone gets up to give you the Heimlich treatment it falls safely and comfortably into your stomach, and once it's digested it will leave you hungry for more of this hugely satisfying dish.

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