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Kometen - Kometen

Kometen - Kometen

Label : Transubstans Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : Kometen is a band from Stockholm, formerly known as Mårran, touring many stages, performing as many gigs as possible. The mix of seventies influences from Deep Purple and Little Feet to Jethro Tull (without the flute, that is) is presented with great craftsmanship, and pretty accessible for the average listener. The cunningly played fills, very fast scales and surprising hooks and twists show a technical level far beyond average, but these elements stay within the details fortunately, without annoying show-off accents. Sometimes some songs can also remind of Black Crowes or Greg Lake by the way, but that can only be seen as a compliment in my opinion. The Jethro Tull-like component of surprising prog-rock with folk and blues and almost similar vocal style are most impressive though. Hopefully this will be released on vinyl, and when they’re in my neighbourhood for some promotion, I will certainly visit their concerts.

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