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Deville - Pigs With Gods

Deville - Pigs With Gods

Label : Fuzzorama Records | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Deville has completed their fifth studio album and these Swedish gentlemen decided it was time to take a somewhat different approach than what they had done thus far: the band states they were getting bored playing the doom/stoner genre and they decided that all they really wanted to do was make a heavy metal album. So, if you listen to 'Pigs With Gods' expecting to hear stoner metal, I would take a moment to shift into a different gear, because there is not a whole lot of stoner left!

Is that a bad thing? No, not at all. If Deville wants to do something (almost) entirely different and wants to break free of the safe but sometimes restrictive boundaries of a genre so they can make a blast of a record I think they should go ahead and do so. And they did. The music on this album is very astute and at times quite original, but never so much that you pound your fist into the air telling everyone who wants to hear it that you are going to fully rock out on it. Heavy riffs that still have a clear origin in the stoner roots of this band and a few scattered post metal guitar lines to give the music more luster are alternated with rock tracks that would suit many a radio playlist. Think Foo Fighters but a bit more rough, with songs as 'Hell In The Water' and 'Cut It Loose'. Especially the vocals are very radio friendly and do not seem the perfect fit for a metal band. There are definitely a lot of solid pounding and battering parts, but that makes the difference between this song and that so big and obvious. 'Pigs With Gods' is not metal all the time, and it is not rock all the time, it seems stranded somewhere in between.

If your question is if Deville succeeded in making an awesome heavy metal record I will have to answer it in the negative. What they DID succeed at is putting together a number of great songs, songs that will pump through your system and are easy to digest. These songs are tight as a hungry man's belt and show almost no flaws, which is a great thing to pull off but also means there are hardly any surprises. These guys do what they feel like doing and even though this means that the music is never very exceptional, it does show a lot of potential, so depending on what direction they want to go next, Deville can grow into either an adventurous metal band or the next big commercial thing.

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