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Kiss Kiss King Kong - B/B

Kiss Kiss King Kong - B/B

Label : Apollon Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : The Norwegian power-trio Kiss Kiss King Kiong has been described as Allman Brothers on speed during live gigs; I certainly can understand the description and would like to visit a concert immediately! This seems to be pretty loose, off-hand, maybe even slightly chaotic sounding music, shaped from spontaneous jams.. Despite the freewheeling character this is some kind of very cunningly performed, well-fitting jig-saw puzzle at times and this may not be easy consumable for everyone. Listening to this album can bring a range of associations from Deep Purple and Blue Cheer tp Grateful Dead, a bit Krautrock and the by the band in the info mentioned Motorpsycho and Allman Brothers. Especial the screaming slide guitar in combination with psychedelic organ over a foundation of creative bass and drums, ending up in a feedback loaded, chaotic conclusion in ‘High And Low’, or the swirling, almost jazzy rhythms together with stoner-like drive in ‘Neighbour Of The Beat Part III’ are simply great stuff, just as the whole album actually; this is a bit weird, but very, very tasteful!

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