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Be The Wolf - Empress

Be The Wolf - Empress

Label : Scarlet Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : Since I have been writing for Lords of Metal I became aware of the avalanche of Italian rock releases. Not all of them are that good, but there are certainly positive exceptions. Ruxt or Crying Steel to name just two. Be The Wolf has been around for a while also, and this is their third release called ‘Empress’. The band claims they are influenced by bands like Scorpions, Skid Row and Kiss. Federico Mondelli is also a member of power metal band Frozen Crown, besides being the main man in Be The Wolf. Mondelli has a full plate; vocals, guitar, song writer and graphic artist. The material on offering on ‘Empress’ is varied in a nice way. The biography claims that the pace is high on the album, even claiming the songs to be ‘high speed tracks’.

Well, not all true, and why should everything be fast, fast, fast? These are well crafted songs, and that is of much more importance. A song like ‘Action’ with its modern drumbeat is a nice retro rock song. The upbeat ‘Thousand Years’ has very nice multiple vocal lines and Mondelli does a fine vocal job. Oh, before I forget ; Mondelli sings in key, convincing and there is not a hint of Italian sounding through, well done. His guitarwork is nice and the solos fit the songs like they should. I am positively surprised by ‘Empress’. After some research I found out that Mondelli his other band Frozen Crown also received many positive reactions to their latest album. Mondelli shows us that you can make different sorts of rock and still come up with great music. Only thing that I do not get, is the way the band is being marketed. Be The Wolf is definitely not heavy metal or just fast. They just released a good rock album. Nothing wrong with that.

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