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Sinoath - Anamnesis

Sinoath - Anamnesis

Label : Black Widow | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Sinoath is not the most productive band on the face of the earth. ‘Anamnesis’ is album number three by this Italian combo and is released eleven years after album number two, which in turn was released twelve years after Sinoath’s debut album. Totally unknown with Sinoath I put ‘Anamnesis’ in the player the sounds poured forth are to my liking. Sinoath reminds me of a more up tempo and less doomy Black Oath. It all sounds very Italian without becoming cheesy, which is unfortunately often the case with many an Italian band within the genre. The keyboards are very subtly present and work atmosphere enhancing and nowhere do they dominate the sound, except in the case of an outro. ‘Anamnesis’ turned out to be a very entertaining album.

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