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Nick Oliveri - No Hits At All Vol. 5

Nick Oliveri - No Hits At All Vol. 5

Label : Heavy Psych Sounds | Archive under stoner

Release type: Mini-CD

Marcel H. : Okay, Nick Oliveri has been archived as stoner here, but that is because of the man’s earlier solo output and work with Kyuss and Mondo Generatro. ‘No Hits At All Vol. 5’ kicks off furiously with ‘It’s You I Don’t Believe’ which is extremely punk hardcore. The other songs vary from country-like semi acoustic to rocking rockers and also a campfire version of Kyuss. So only an acoustic guitar and play some Kyuss. All in all this EP (I am guessing it is an EP giving its duration and harbouring only six songs) has turned into a fun varied disc.

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