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Thurisaz - Scent Of A Dream

Thurisaz - Scent Of A Dream

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : The Belgian band Thurisaz proves that atmospheric black metal is no longer an exclusive matter of foreign countries. Take care, these fellows didn't walk on thin ice and you will hear that. They started as a quartet in 1997 and recorded their first demo one year later. With the coming of keyboard player Kobe in 1999 the death/black metal became more capacious and by the means of many concerts and demos they worked towards their distinctive sound. All this was rewarded by winning the 'Mundo Metal Concours' and 'Belgian Metal Concours'. For Thurisaz the time had come to think about a first full length CD 'Scent Of A Dream'. On the 6th of March they presented it to the world in the wake of Manic Movement (CD presentation near hometown Wervik).

When we listen to the first three songs, all with a length about seven minutes, it becomes clear that Thurisaz has something to offer. In 'A Timeless Flame' black metal screams emulate with heavy death grunts, while a carpet of wide keys dominates it musically. Soon accompanied by clean vocals for a fragile touch. Thurisaz' compositions are long, full of diversity, with surprising breaks and epic melodies. It takes a little more time to fathom the music, but there is never a dull moment. In the title track 'Scent Of A Dream' they initially step on the gas, but still guitars (and keyboards!) create a melodic mood.

'Years Of Silence' is a killer song! Here they summon a mystical atmosphere like old Empyrium did. Indeed, Thurisaz reminds me more than once of Empyrium in the beginning and if this is not a compliment I don't know it anymore! Misty woods, shady nebulae in a forlorn hinterland, wandering souls as malicious ghosts, an image that is summoned by the artwork too. Here we only have common, mourning vocals. 'When Images Are Fading' is a demonic eruption with severe black metal screams and evil grunts. This style is prolonged in 'Anno Viroviacum'. The closing track 'Endless…' has an introvert mood with thoughtful piano notes and a melancholic voice. There is no doubt about it: this is a delicious start!

Thurisaz is one more reason to be present at the Rock Tribune Graspop Concours at the 22nd of May in the Biebob, for then they take the chance, together with Cowboys And Aliens and others, to get a gig at the Graspop festival.

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