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Marty Friedman - One Bad MF Live

Marty Friedman - One Bad MF Live

Label : Prosthetic Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : Honesty forces me to acknowledge that I have never seen Marty Friedman play live anymore, after he left Megadeth. I saw stuff passing by every now and then, but actually going there was never a possibility for me. To the outside world, what can be fun about an instrumental album, played live even? Well, leave that up to Friedman, who in turn by the way is the first and loudest in saying you should never do that as an artist in this day and age. But then again, if there is anyone with the capability of letting his guitar sing, it is him. And boy, the band he gathered around him to enable him to let him shine in all his might and glory. With every now and then, for instance in the medley, a blink of an eye towards his Megadeth past, which provided him all the glory, fame and probably fortune that allows him to stand where he now stands.

Needless to say the disk is furthermore fully focused on his solo material, mostly pointed out in the direction of his last album ‘Wall Of Sound’. Friedman is not the kind of guy anymore to perfectly reproduce his studio album as exact as possible, he wants to rise to the occasion and therefore make every night something special. Sometimes extraordinairy. As one of the very few western people he was granted the Japanese citizenship and Hebimeta-san (mister heavy metal) isn’t shy in letting his love for Japanese music resound. If you come to get Megadeth material for nostalgia’s sake (no pun intended), you will be in for a surprise, this is a few steps up in ferocity, a hell of a lot harder to get a grasp on and above all a lot crazier. What a pleasure to see a man with so much talent take up so much freedom to play.

Track list
Street Demon
Amagi Goe
Self Pollution
Devil Take Tomorrow
Mutation Medley (featuring Asche zu Asche, My Oh My, Forbidden City, Tornado of Souls)
Ripped Medley (featuring We Are The Champions, amongst others)
Dragon Mistress
Kaeritakunatta Yo

Hyper Doom
Stigmata Addiction

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