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Fluisteraars / Turia - De Oord

Fluisteraars / Turia - De Oord

Label : Eisenwald Tonschmiede | Archive under black metal

Release type: Split cd

Koen S. : Oord is an old Dutch word designating the area where two rivers meet and ‘De Oord’ is also the title of the split album between Fluisteraars and Turia, two leading Dutch black metal bands. These bands out of the Gelderland area worked together on this concept album upon which their region and origin play a significant role. ‘De Oord’ deals with the two primary rivers the Waal and the Rhine which cross Gelderland. Nature is a great source of inspiration for both bands and that was already obvious in their earlier work. Fluisteraars has been around for a while now and released two demo’s, an EP and two full lengths since 2009 and it was ‘Luwte’ from 2015 that has left the best impression. Turia is a relative newcomer: they released one split album with Vilkacis and two records on mankind since 2014.

Both bands bring us one song each on 'De Oord ' and they do that in Dutch. Fluisteraars starts off with the fifteen-minute ‘Oeverloos’. The song is a long-drawn-out epic narration of melodic black metal. I recognize something from the Icelandic Auðn in this. Fluisteraars plays a bombastic style with psychedelic parts that lets you dream away easily. For me just dreaming away too easy, because after a minute or nine, I can no longer keep my attention and I have to really force myself paying attention again. Fortunately, 'Oeverloos' becomes more interesting again and the exciting end of the song convinces me.

Turia brings us ‘Aan Den Golven Der Aarde Geofferd’ and it is an example of (not that) raw black metal with an atmospheric background. Long instrumental parts create a desolate atmosphere and the tortured screeching of T. does not give you a moment of joy either. The eighteen minutes of this song are expertly used to beat the listener down and there is that constant oppressive atmosphere in the air. Ideal music to listen to on a cold, rainy autumn day. For fans of Drudkh, Wolves In The Throne Room and the previously mentioned Auðn.

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