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Vanhelgd - Deimos Sanktuarium

Vanhelgd - Deimos Sanktuarium

Label : Pulverised Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Hey, there they are again, one of my favourite Swedish bands. Vanhelgd returns with their fifth album two years after predecessor ‘Temple Of Phobos’. ‘Deimos Sanktuarium’ continues where ‘Temple Of Phobos’ left off. So, expect old school death metal with black metal influences. There seem to be more black metal influences on here than before. However, without having lost sight of the old Vanhelgd sound. It is still catchy and unmistakably Swedish. It is all a bit more lugubrious than before. The band still alternates English language songs with Swedish language ones and that benefits the atmosphere of the album. Compared to earlier work some subtle changes have been made. Just listen to the orchestral choir part of ‘The Silent Observer’, which has been arranged and executed by Thomas Sabbathi of Year Of The Goat and Griftegard. All in all ‘Deimos Sanktuarium’ has turned into a worthy successor of ‘Temple Of Phobos’.

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