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Mazikeen - Mazikeen

Mazikeen - Mazikeen

Label : Iron Blood & Death Corporation | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : The Australian Andrew Shiells brought the symphonic black metal project Mazikeen to life in 2013, then still named Rising Tide of Violence, and is ready for this release now five years later. With the aid of guest musicians the self-titled disk is now a fact. It seems a tiny bit out of place, black metal from Australia, but i twill take you little to no time before you discover he paid a substantial amount of attention and drew inspiration from traditional black bands from the 90s.

Let us start off with the bad news, the factor originality is very low with the music of Mazikeen and the factor “symphonic” is not something you should give too much weight. They merely put some soundscapes on the background to influence the vibe a bit. The good news is that this will hit those who love the genre will be hit right in the heart. The music is raw, aggressive, fast and meets just about any expectations fans of this department in metal may have. He is a fan himself, one can clearly tell the difference. And the Darkthrone cover of ‘Transilvanian Hunger’ underlines this even further.

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