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Hank Erix - Nothing But Trouble

Hank Erix - Nothing But Trouble

Label : Rock N Growl Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : People who are a interested in melodic heavy rock sure will know Hank Erix, the singer of Houston, the Swedish AOR band that cannot or will not have a worldwide breakthrough. Hank is an excellent singer, with both reach and technical flexibility. He has a voice that fits perfectly with the mostly smooth AOR as it was especially popular in the 80s and 90s. Because Houston once again do nothing at the moment Erix thought it was time to record a solo album. And see here, the album 'Nothing But Trouble' is in front of me.

And you can guess what the music of Hank Erix sounds like. Right, you may never guess again .... Although, a little nuance: this Erix solo album is a tad heavier than the songs of Houston. Fortunately, I would like to say. And so we can enjoy a nice up-tempo riff in 'Turn To Darkness', a track in which beautiful vocals of Erix go hand in hand with an excellent guitar solo but also with rather disturbing electronics and backing vocals. But as said, luckily Ricky Hamilton (the songwriter of Houston) is missing on this album and Erix has a trump card in particular with solo guitarist Michael Palace. That man is very flexible and ingenious and he ensures that sometimes fairly poor songs are still easy to digest. Yes, and fairly poor songs are still there. If this man could take care of the vocals of songs of a couple of really good songwriters, he would really impress. Compliments are in place for producer (and drummer!) Mats Ericsson because the album sounds fantastic. The vocal lines, the guitars, the (sometimes irritating) choirs: it listens wonderfully. Let us hope for a few great songs in the future and Hank Erix can become the revelation that he potentially is.

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