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Slægt - The Wheel

Slægt - The Wheel

Label : Van Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : In May 2017 Danish outfit Slægt gave us the surprise of the month with the excellent album ’Domus Mysterium’. That was their first full length album as a four-piece, while the band was founded in 2011 by vocalist/guitarist Oskar J. Frederiksen and drummer Adam ‘CC’ Nielssen. And the band is in great form, since they already started writing new songs for a successor right after the release of previous album. In the meantime they have played at festivals like Copenhell and Roskilde and in February 2018 they toured Europe with Venenum.

‘The Wheel’ is once again recorded with producer Lasse Ballade at the Ballade Studios and smoothly continues the style and sound of its predecessor. It means that the blackened roots from these Danish guys are abundantly relished with all kinds of influences of pure classic heavy metal. That’s why they manage to be catchy and evil at the same time. The songs are a bit shorter than before, but they are regaled with agreeable breaks, mostly ornamented with calm acoustic guitars. The juvenile ‘Sturm und Drang’ has made place for a broader vision and that results in really strong songs. Opener ‘Being Born (Is Going Blind)’ kicks off with fast and furious black metal fury and the gravel-throated growls from Frederiksen. But suddenly there is an acoustic fragment, followed by enchanting guitar solos. Kudos for the mighty lead guitarist Anders M. Jørgensen! ‘Masician’ even starts with twin guitars brilliance that reminds me of Thin Lizzy. They rock in an infectious way, including fervent acceleration. Guitars have a heartfelt warm vintage sound. The vigorous ‘Perfume And Steel’ is another stunner, with captivating spoken part. Also in the fetching ‘Citrinitas’ we have such a short spoken fragment, which adds an occult tinge to the music of Slægt. It is amazing to hear those compelling solos at the beginning of ‘V.W.A.’, slow and emotive, but soon follows a ferocious outburst. They add a melancholic, very beautiful second part to this song, with plucking guitars, percussion and prominent bass runs. Next they impress with fast AC/DC alike notes in ‘Gauntlet Of Lovers’. The sonorous guitar sound gives the music an uplifting feel and energy blows your speakers with wild soloing. In this song and the occluding long title track, we hear guest musician Felix Havstad Ziska on cello and violin. The guys promised us last time that there was still room for improvement on their next albums and they really succeeded in that on ‘The Wheel’!

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