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Darkness - First Class Violence

Darkness - First Class Violence

Label : Massacre | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : With ‘The Gasoline Solution’ the Teutonic thrashers of Darkness came with an incredibly strong comeback album two years ago, which appeared 27 years after their (in my opinion somewhat less strong) last album, 'Conclusion & Revival'. With strong compositions and an old-fashioned sound and spirit, the band put itself completely on the map again as far as I was concerned. In addition, the band's cult status was defended and Darkness could start its second youth.

This month the gentlemen comes with the successor, with the very promising title, 'First Class Violence'. As soon as the album burst out with 'Low Velocity Blood Splatter' after the intro, we get exactly that. This is once again unadulterated thrash that is clearly rooted in the 80s. What is striking, however, is that their traditional sound has been given a more modern twist. The whole sounds a bit heavier and grooves more than what we are used to from the men and there is more eye for melody. All in all, 'First Class Violence' is a more contemporary record than its predecessor, but certainly also more versatile. Fortunately, old-fashioned thrash still has the upper hand here, and moreover, the gentlemen have not let all of that to be at the expense of the speed, the aggression and, above more importantly, the intensity. The neck muscles definitely get put to work from start to finish. And whether it sounds old-fashioned or modern, the gentlemen have once again delivered a real thrasher and weak songs are simply not to be found here. A song that deserves an extra mention is the fast and devastating Sodom-like ultra-thrasher 'Zuetan' with vocal guest contributions from – you guessed it – Sodom's Tom Angelripper and Ventor from Kreator.

From a purely musical and technical point of view this is definitely the band's' strongest album to date and also on the sound technical level the album leaves nothing to be desired. Nevertheless, the magnificent 'The Gasoline Solution', on which predominantly old-fashioned traditional thrash was celebrated, has not been surpassed for me. And that only has to do with the fact that the sharper sound, the straightforward approach and the old-fashioned in general appeal to me a lot more. And that does not change the fact that we have a strong thrasher here that will definitely apply to fans of the old work and fans of (German) thrash metal and bands such as Sodom, Destruction, Kreator, Violent Force, Necronomicon, Assassin and co.

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