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Piah Mater - The Wandering Daughter

Piah Mater - The Wandering Daughter

Label : Code 666 | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : If you’ve been looking for ‘Blackwater Park’ but from a Brazilian band for some reason, look no further. Piah Mater from Rio de Janeiro is here to give you exactly what you need with ‘The Wandering Daughter’ coming out on October 5th. Whether it’s the guitar tone, the melodic interludes, the intervals used in the vocals, the drums – it’s all over-the-top Opeth from that ‘Blackwater Park’ era. Is there something inherently wrong with that? No, of course not. ‘Blackwater Park’ was probably the record that catapulted many into heavier material back when they were wee prog puppies. It still holds its place proudly among my top 20 favorite albums of all time.

But that doesn’t mean that copying it instantly results in greatness, because originality is not something found here. It’s because of that, that you can only see this album for what it is – an attempt at greatness by emulation, bereft of every shred of imagination. ‘The Wandering Daughter’ will most likely just make people put ‘Blackwater Park’ or even ‘Still Life’ back on, instead of garnering its own audience. It’s because of this that I hope the band manages to make this sound their own and adds its own flair so we can really be blown away on the next one!

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